Festulolium is a cross between a fescue and a ryegrass. While there may be thousands of ways to make crosses, most yield very heady grasses. The varieties we offer you are the best in the world.


Festulolium fertilizer requirements are intermediate between ryegrass and tall fescue.


Seed is identical in size and weight to tall fescue and they mix well together without separating. Seeding rate as a nurse crop with tall fescue and alfalfa is between 2 to 3 lbs per acre. For pastures in the upper Midwest, we use 5 lbs per acre. For a pure stand the seeding rate is the same as tall fescue. This is not commonly done as stand life is approximately 3 years with the first year being the most productive and declining from there on. However, this characteristic with its fast establishment makes it an excellent nurse crop for alfalfa and tall fescue.

  • Our most popular choice as a nurse crop for spring-seeded alfalfa or clover and tall fescue for either haylage or pasture
  • A very rapid establishing grass
  • As with Lofa, a very high sugar grass
  • Meadow fescue/Italian ryegrass cross
  • Available in organic

Zones: 1,2,3,4

  • Our choice for fall seeding
  • Lofa & Perun can be counted on for about 3 years
  • Very fast establishing
  • Tall fescue/ryegrass cross
  • Very high sugar

Zones: 1,2,3,4

Festulolium Maturity Palatability Winter Hardiness Digestibility Grazing Suitability
Perun 8 9 7 10 7
Lofa 8 9 7 10 7

Ratings values only comparable for products within this chart
1 = least desirable   10 = most desirable

Festulolium Image