The subject I am writing about has utmost importance to only two groups of people: kids (especially those of the male persuasion) and farmers. The first group will be mostly disappointed in what I have to say, and the second will be enriched by it.

This Byron Seeds Cover Crop and Fall Forage Guide is all about dirt and its preservation and health. And the causal factor for all the benefits is simply roots—roots growing in a farm’s fields throughout the year. Yes, there is science in which roots, according to the particular problems you are trying to solve: erosion, nitrogen fixation, restoring organic matter, removing plow pans, reestablishing water holding capacity and/ or increasing fertility. But, just having roots growing year-around is a start.

his resource guide will—along with advice from your Byron Seeds consultant—help you improve your dirt. Your goal will be making your dirt a place that any earthworm would love and in which the next year’s production crop will thrive! The results of an appropriate cover crop program are many: improved fertility, lower fertilizer cost, weed suppression, better soil structure, increased soil water-holding capacity, deeper roots for your cash crop, channeling through the cover crop root spaces, and increased organic matter or soil that is alive. Study this guide and talk to your Byron Seeds consultant to set up a program for your farm.

As to the kids, unless they are digging for fishing worms, after following our recommendations and covering all your ground with a growing crop 365 days a year, you may have to build them a bigger sandbox!

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