Nitrogreen North


Nitrogreen North is very similar to Nitrogreen South except it uses Medium Red Clover and Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover instead of Crimson Clover. It produces up to 100-150 units of N for the next crop. It also includes Nitro Radish.


Nitrogreen North has to be sprayed or moldboard plowed in the spring before planting the cash crop. Direct seeding is best but also a relatively early seeding date is needed in northern zones to make sure the legumes are established enough to be winter hardy. Seeding into standing corn that has dried up to the ear can be effective. Seed August 15th through September 10th. Winter hardy if seeded early enough to get clover established.


Seed 15-25 lbs/acre. Drill ½" deep.

Nitrogreen North Pie Chart
Nitrogreen North

  • The taproot of the radish breaks up hardpan and recycles deeply buried nutrients
  • Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover is one of the deepest rooting biannual legumes
  • Medium Red Clover is used in this mix because it is more winter hardy than crimson which helps ensure good performance in the northern zones
  • Hairy Vetch is the anchor legume of the mix due to its impressive N fixing capability and spring weed suppressing ability

Zones: 1, 2, 3

Nitrogreen North Chart