Nitrogreen South


Nitrogreen South is a mixture of species to maximize nitrogen pro- duction and green manure crop. Plant from August 15th to October 10th, depending on how far south you are. If left until flowering the following year, it can produce up to 100-150 units of N for the next crop. Nitro radishes help loosen and aerate the soil. Use south of I-70.


Nitrogreen South has to be sprayed or moldboard plowed in the spring before planting the cash crop. Direct seeding is best but also a relatively early seeding date is needed for establishment of the legumes, especially the Hairy Vetch. This mix does well when aerial seeded into standing crops in late August. When aerial seeded, you can expect more Crimson Clover to establish than Hairy Vetch, unless soil moisture is very consistent near the soil surface for a couple of weeks after seeding.


Seed 15-25 lbs/acre. Drill ½" deep.

Nitrogreen South Pie Chart
Nitrogreen South

  • The taproot of the brassicas penetrates hardpan and rescues nutrients from several feet down in the soil profile
  • Crimson Clover fixes a lot of nitrogen early in the spring to allow late planting
  • Hairy Vetch continues to fix nitrogen until it blooms and forms a dense mat to smother weeds
  • A good choice to plant before corn or other heavy nitrogen-using crops

Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6

Nitrogreen South Chart