Root N Fixer


Root N Fixer is a mixture of KB Royal Annual Ryegrass and Crimson Clover. The name for this mix comes from the root mass of the Annual Ryegrass and the nitrogen fixation of the Crimson Clover. Root N Fixer is a quick growing winter annual mix that does well in cool, moist conditions. Top growth accumulates rapidly in early spring, but root growth occurs in late fall and winter so don't be deceived by the lack of top growth! 6" tall ryegrass can have roots several feet deep. This mix can optimize nutrient recycling, ground cover, carbon sequestration and nitrogen fixation all at the same time.

Root N Fixer

  • Tremendous root growth
  • Crimson can fix over 100 lbs of N per acre
  • Early spring growth
  • Very easy to drill or fly on
  • A good choice for the serious cover crop farmer
  • Scavenges any nitrogen left by the previous crop
  • Potential to increase the cash crop yield
  • Increases effective rooting depth and fertility
  • Opens up soil
  • Reduces compaction

Zones: 4, 5, 6

*Organic versions may have different varieties based on availability


Root N Fixer has to be sprayed or moldboard plowed in spring before planting the cash crop. 30-40 units of N at planting will give this mix a good start in the fall. We have seen winterkill in northern zones, but many of the benefits are realized even in a winterkilled stand because much of the root mass is already accumulated by the time winterkill can occur.


Seed 15-25 lbs/acre. Drill ½" deep. Excellent results have been obtained by flying on standing corn or soybeans as those crops mature and some sunlight can penetrate the canopy.

Root N Fixer Pie Chart Root N Fixer Chart