Welcome to our Cover Crop Information Page

This Byron Seeds 2014 Cover Crop Resource Guide is all about “dirt” (or soil) and its preservation and health. And what influences the health and longevity of your dirt is roots — roots growing in your fields throughout the year. There is science that prescribes various roots according to the specific problems you are trying to solve — preventing erosion, fixing nitrogen, restoring organic matter, removing plow pans, reestablishing water-holding capacity or increasing fertility. Just having roots growing in your fields year round is a start.

Along with advice from your Byron Seeds consultant, this resource guide will help you improve your dirt so it will be a place that any earthworm will love and in which your next year’s production crop will thrive. Improved fertility, lower fertilizer cost, weed suppression, better soil structure, deeper-rooting cash crops, channeling through the cover crop root spaces and increased organic matter are all the beneficial results of an appropriate cover crop program. To set up a cover crop program for your farm, study this guide and talk to your Byron Seeds consultant. We know you’ll be glad you did.