Mustard establishes very rapidly, helping to suppress weeds and act as a ground cover. The deep tap root grows to a depth of 3 feet, helping break up soil and scavenge nutrients. Mustard works great as a biofumigant and suppresses verticillium in potato.


Mustard is a cover crop that can be planted in early spring or early fall in the south if you want it to over winter. Mustard kills at about 25⁰. Mixes well with triticale, rye, and hairy vetch. It works extremely well as a nematode suppressor and as a natural bio-fumigant. Use in rotation with wheat, bean, and potato.


Drill ½ inch deep at 8-10 lbs/A or 3-5 lbs in mixes. Can be broadcast at the higher rate and rolled. Incorporate or kill after flowering for best biofumigant effect.

Braco White Mustard

  • Suppresses nematodes and weed seed germination
  • Usually winter kills except in the south
  • Can be frost seeded
  • Great nitrogen scavenger, up to 200 lbs/A if available

Zones: 1,2,3,4,5,6