Growing Zones

Below the name of each variety listed in this resource guide is a zone recommendation. The variety does best in the recommended zone(s). The map on this page shows the location of each zone.There may be a management recommendation as well. The listed variety will do well in the management zone(s) if good farming management practices are implemented.

Zones: These zones are the recommended location(s) for variety listed.

Management: An acceptable variety in this zone with good farm management, soils, and fertility.

Maturity Zones pictured: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

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Replant Policy

If there is a need to replant a field of Masters Choice corn, KingFisher Alfalfa, or one of our premium, perennial grasses, as determined by a Byron Seed representative, our replant policy is as follows:

For all alfalfas and premium grasses, our replant policy is 50% of the retail price. This is for seed that is direct seeded only, as frost seedings do not qualify for replant. If you plant 100% Masters Choice corn, there is a 100% replant policy. For all other situations the replant policy is 50%.

Organic Seed

Byron Seeds is a supporter of the organic farming movement. We believe that there is a need for good, healthy forage for our livestock and good, healthy food for our families. It seems that others agree with us because there is an ever increasing demand for a source of unmodified ood and forage.

Look for the KingFisher Organic logo to determine which products are available as organic seed.

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Myco Seed Treat

Myco is a complete microbial seed treatment package that includes a high concentration of dormant beneficial microorganisms and an initial food source. Included are free-living and symbiotic bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, algae and mycorrhizal fungi. Once the seed is planted, the microbes start to grow and multiply. The crop benefits by the beneficial microorganisms freeing up nutrients and extending the reach of the crop root. In addition, they compete against detrimental microbes. The microbes benefit from living off root exudates(organic compounds and sugars). The end result is better soil cycling, more uniform stands and increased plant growth and higher seedling survival.

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Profitcoat Organic-4 + NB Seed Coating System

Custom Coat Your Organic or Conventional Corn. Seeds carry the genetic potential of your crop. You only get one opportunity per year to get that crop off to a healthy, vigorous start. Wrap your seed with Nutrients, Energy and Disease Protection.

Profitcoat is applied "in house" at Byron Seed's warehouse

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Surestand Seed Treatment

SureStand seed coating is a combination of Myco Seed Treat and a premier mineral coating. Over many years of exhaustive testing at university and industry trials, it has shown a consistent ability to convert more legume seeds to viable seedlings, enhancing the value of the seed sold to the farmer.

SureStand coating enhances germination, seedling survival, and growth by absorbing water from the soil and providing beneficial nitrogen fixing bacteria. Use the same planting rates as uncoated seed.

Available in OC (organic approved coating) and CT (conventional coated)

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