Byron Seeds LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of our KingFisher® hybrid lineup, specifically selected for livestock performance, silage and feedability. This product line isn't the afterthought of a giant corn company; it was selected with you in mind. And it's non-GMO. That's important because the non-GMO market is a rapidly growing sector of the U.S. agricultural industry, and we want you to be a leader in this emerging market.

Our KingFisher hybrids may be the new kids on the block, but that doesn't mean that they're unproven. They bear the KingFisher name because they've lived up to the performance standards that KingFisher has always stood for: excellence in yield, agronomics and feedability. Like our alfalfas, clovers and grasses, KingFisher Hybrids are the new quality benchmark in the forage industry.

Someone once said that the measure of a company and its products is no greater than the measure of the people behind those products. The team responsible for advancing this corn line and tailoring these hybrids to your needs on your farm consists of Dennis, Tracy, Rod and Rick. Together, they have more than 75 years of experience in the seed industry. With that kind of know-how and expertise behind KingFisher corn hybrids, you can be assured that the hybrid that's shipped to your farm has germination and emergence vigor, fiber digestibility (FiberGest™) and starch availability (SofStarch™) for milk and meat production to ensure your business success.

FiberGest is a term unique to KingFisher Hybrids. It's a fiber you in hybrid selection. The scale is set from one to 10 with the industry average being a five. A ten would be the best digestibility with a one being the worst. KingFisher hybrids are hybrid a FiberGest rating.

KingFisher Corn Hybrids Introduction

SofStarch is a similar rating based on 7-hour Starch Availability tests. Once again, the industry average is a 5 with the best being a ten. These ratings will help you to determine what hybrids are best for your farm. Looking for milk production? Choose something with a high FiberGest and a high Sofstarch rating.

If you feed livestock, KingFisher hybrid corn could be just what you need.