Hybrid Sudan


The new Sudangrass hybrids are very aggressive, drought tolerant summer annuals. They emerge quicker and have faster regrowth than sorghum sudan (SS). Finer stems can give superior quality with the same tonnage as SS.


Sudangrass is easy to establish but does require 60°F soil temperatures (and rising). It can be grazed or cut for baleage or haylage with an optimum harvest height at 40”. Sudangrass can be made for dry hay in the southern zones but it MUST be cut by 30” to achieve dry down. It responds well to applied fertility or manure. Timely cutting (45 days after planting and 30 days for subsequent cuts) is important as quality will decline as it reaches maturity.


Seeding rates are 25-35 lb/acre. Seeding depth is 3/4" to 1" deep. It is best to get the seed into the moisture. If inter-seeding into existing hay or pasture stand, make sure the grass is cut short to achieve good establishment.

AS9301 Sudan

  • BMR Gene 6
  • Very leafy with fine stem
  • Excellent forage quality when harvested at 40"
  • Very good heat and drought tolerance
  • Very fast regrowth
  • Dry stalk (8-12% lower stalk moisture at harvest)
  • Yields equal to SS due to more leaves and more tillering
  • Highest quality, great for dairy TMR

Zones: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


AS9302 Sud. Brachytic Dwarf

  • New Sudan hybrid Brachytic Dwarf
  • More leaves and less stalk
  • Potential for dry hay (but don't let it get taller than 28" to 30" if dry baling)
  • Superior tillering
  • Rapid regrowth

Zones: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Hybrid Sudan Relative Yield Regrowth BMR Gene NDFD
AS9301 10 10 6 10
AS9302 10 9 6 10
ProMax 8 8 12 6
Hay King 8 8 12 6
Monarch V 7 8 12 6

Ratings values only comparable for products within this chart. Chart values are from Byron Seed test plot results.
1 = Least Desirable | 10 = Most Desirable

Hybrid Sudan Image